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Mindful Training
༈ གླང་རེ་ཐང་པ་རྡོ་རྗེ་སེང་གེས་མཛད་པའི་བློ་སྦྱོང་ཚིག་བརྒྱད་མ་བཞུགས་སོ།
Eight Verses for Mind-Training Composed by Geshe Langri Thangpa Dorjee Singghe (1054-1123).
Audio: H.H. the Dalai Lama
1 སེམས་བསྐྱེད།
༈ བདག་ནི་སེམས་ཅན་ཐམས་ཅད་ལ།
May I consider sentient beings,
dearer than the Wish-Fulfilling Gem.
Best wishes in mind,
Forever hold them dear.

2 སྙིང་རྗེ།
Whenever whoever I am with
May I see myself least important.
And sincerely others in mind,
Hold them dearly highest.

3 བསམ་གཏན།
Always observe my behaviour.
Negative thoughts may arise,
[and]Hurt myself and others.
Confront and suppress it with force.

4 བཟོད་པ།
For unpleasant sentient being is,
Overwhelmed by bad-karma and suffering.
When stumble upon rare treasure,
Cherish and empathise.

5 སྦྱིན་པ།
Out of envy others may,
Insult, abuse and treat me unjustly.
May I accept [freewill] defeat and loss,
And offer victory to them.

6 ཤེས་རབ།
Whom I have helped,
With great expectation.
Did immense harm and unjust in return.
May I see him as my true teacher.

7 ཚུལ་ཁྲིམས།
In essence, directly or indirectly,
Offer total wellness to mothers.
Suffering and pain of mothers,
Inconspicuously take upon myself.

8 བརྩོན་འགྲུས།
All above be free from
eight compromises of Acquired Concept.
Recognizing all phenomena is illusory,
May I be free from bondage of disgusting Attachment.
*mother: sentient beings
Transliteration: karma

Revisiting Sikyong Election

It was many decades back when we thought that one man, president or Sikyong, should have all the power so that he can run the administration more efficiently.

However, how Dr. Lobsang Sangay was “able” to close down Tibet Office, New York City, and move it to Washington DC where there is already a fully functional ICT which is the envy of Chinese Government and India’s best ally. How Sikyong has managed to put a new officer, fresh out of no where, in charge and arranged a foreign lobbyist(Chinese funded US based) in Washington with our shoe-string budget. Why ICT was broadly circumvented and ignored completely. If he had consulted ICT, National Prayer Breakfast embarrassment would have been avoided. If there is some issues with ICT, look into its record or book keepings. Paper trail is the best answer to any official dealing or under dealings instead of relying on people.

Sikyong ignored our long standing policy of “middle-way” for almost 4 years and now he is making it his “election campaign” to ignore it, once again, after the campaign. Thank god Kalachakra was cancelled otherwise Sikyong would have made it his election campaign too. Video footage: Q&A Minnesota with Penpa Tsering: Dalai Lama asked why Middleway is dying..

The saddest part is our beloved Dalai Lama is now 80 years old and ailing. Sadly, H.H. the Dalai Lama and Samdhong Rinpoche cannot publicly express their views on who should be the next Sikyong least it influences the ballot box.

If we had elected two Sikyongs instead of one, we would have avoided all above. We paid a hefty price for an efficiency that got us nowhere. We are walking but in the wrong direction.

Samdhong Rinpoche has resigned from his advisor post to Education Department, Why?

Gangkyi, Dharamsala, is the hotbed of politics and they watched Sikyong up close like no other part of the world. Sikyong can visit some far flung place and give an ear-catching speech but we cannot gauge his work as thorough as Gangkyi locals. If we look at Gangkyi ‘s vote count Sikyong is in the second place. Why? It speaks volume.

Dr. Lobsang Sangay may be the right person for you, whatever the reason, but he is NOT the right Sikyong for the next 5 years for the Tibetans.

Here are few thoughts that may help shape our policy on Sikyong election.

1 We elect two or more Sikyongs instead of one.

Reasoning: Progress may be slow but we don’t want 180 degree turn either. We need a direction not a motion that has no direction.

2 Sikyong should be above 50 years old.

Reasoning: By the time they retire, they are unemployable in any CTA branch. By the 50s they have experienced life in a more meaningful way then a novice going wild.

3 When Sikyong retires they should not be employed by any CTA branch.

Reasoning: While in office, Sikyong can create departments and favor individuals who may return the help or favor when Sikyong retires. This is a common malpractice in India.

4 House mortgage should have been paid by the time election is sought.
Reasoning: Sikyong is a fulltime job with pay scale that matches nowhere in the world! Lowest on the planet.



Dr. Lobsang Sangay is neither my foe nor a friend. He is not even known to me as a person. Since he is holding a Sikyong post, which is a public post, I can oppose his views and work. Same goes to Lukhar Jam. Lukar is seeking a public post. He too is not my enemy.

Few writers incline to think that writing disagreeable view is reserved only for a foe which is absurd. Of course, if someone has received a scholarship grant from Dalai Lama Trust and despite that he/she writes an article against the Dalai Lama, I blame the Trust committee who failed to weed out such person. On the other hand if such Trust committee comprise of people without college degree, these are bound to happen. They (Dalai Lama Trust) can ask for a refund if they wanted to.


Friends, Tibetans and Country men,
Lend me your ears, close your mind.

Every 5 year we drink this potion
Every 5 year we undo what he did
Every 5 year we stoop low
Every 5 year my head not held high

I am not here to UNfacebook Lukhar,
for he seeks Rangzen.

Year is 2018, Tibet is Rangzen.
Lukhar and the likes rule.

Dalai Lama, Karmapa, Sakya Rinpoche, click here
And 64.3 percent of 6 million Tibetans, click here
Dead or incarcerated.

Only 2.14 million are living, to do his biddings.

Communist countries do not allow religious freedom.
Free countries allow nonbelievers;
Lukhar is allowed but Lukhar does not allow.

Land is vast, Tibetans are few.
Tibet is now without soul.

Tibet has no reserve gold, oil and religion
India stops export, China bans export.
North is desert, west is poorer.

Air is fresh, water is safe
Tibet is living dead. No oil, no food, no yaks

Lukhar went far east for Satan
Lhasang went to Dhartsedo to pee,
Jamyang to Himalaya, if Jesus had stopped there.
Lobsang went to China, if they are Tibetan.

I thought I kissed a fair damsel
Opened my eyes, It was donkey’s behind.
Asian kiss with eyes closed, Tibetans are no exception!


Dinner party with Paljor Kalon ,Tsering Dhondup, was a Success Story

Despite his tight schedule Paljor Kalon, Tsering Dhondup la, graciously joined us briefly and made our Dinner Party a success story. However his colleague Ms. Kalsang Chodon from India and Washington staff Ngawang Yonten missed the party due to heavy office work. They along with Paljor Kalon burned the midnight oil, 12AM, to carry on with the workload yesterday at TCCC.

Total of 20 people showed up at the EX-CTA Dinner party.

I am grateful for OM restaurant for the fabulous food that they always serve.

Thank you all for making this party- Haaa, Hoooo- a success story.

I took several group photos to make sure that everyone will face the camera but KP and Tsedu still miss it. Well, that is life!!!

following individuals showed up for the party
1 Kalon Tsering Dhondup
2 CTAO: current President Mr. Sonam Lankar
3 Mr. Tashi Dhondup

List of Former CTA members who are joined the Dinner Party are:

1 Tsedu ; Paid 20 $
2 Palden Tsultrim; Paid 20 $
3 Karma; Paid 50 $
4 Noe Nyima; Paid 20 $
5 Wangchuk Tsering; ; Paid 20 $
6 Kalsang Phuntsok; ; Paid 20 $
7 Tenzin Dolma ; Paid 20 $
8 Jangchup Dorjee; Paid 20 $
9 Nyima Samkar; Paid 20 $
10 Namgyal Tsezom; Paid 20 $
11 Thupten Wangyal; Paid 20 $
12 Dhamchoe; Paid 20 $
13 Lobsang Nyima; Paid 20 $
14 Ludup Dorjee; Paid 20 $
15 Sangye ; Paid 50 $
16 Sonam Wangdue; Paid 20 $
17 Lobsang (TseShib); Paid 20 $

Total of 20 People showed up for the Party

Mr. Sangye and I split the cost of meal for our 3 guests.


1 What happened at Obama’s National Prayer Breakfast?

H.H. the Dalai Lama was sitting, down below, along with other 3,000 guests, not up there with other dignitaries. There was not even a handshake with the Obama.

The event (video footage below) was 2 hour long but I did not see H.H. the Dalai Lama’s face even once!

What prompted our Sikyong to make H.H. the Dalai Lama to attend such a low profile event? Who arranged it? Of course, responsibility lies with our Sikyong.

For video footage on National Prayer Breakfast go here.

2 Every new Prime minister of India, when elected, is greeted by H.H. the Dalai Lama to represent Tibetan community living in India. Under Sikyong’s tenure there was no photo, and no media coverage of the meeting that took place between the Prime minister of India Mr. Modi and H.H. the Dalai Lama. Why?

If our Sikyong keeps on making such critical slip-ups how can we trust him and vote for him again.

These mistakes are national embarrassment.

Can we still rely on Mr. Lobsang Sangay to be our Sikyong for the next 5 years? No. I cannot. Precious 4 year is gone. Sikyong failed us. I cannot do anything about the past, but I do not want to waste my vote on him, this time.

Middle-Way : The only way FORWARD

Since 2009, 142 sacrificed their life and 90 percent of them are asking H.H. the Dalai Lama to return home. They did not ask for “complete Independence: Ranzen Tsangma”.

These are the Tibetans who paid the ultimate price for what they believe in and trust that they have in H.H. the Dalai Lama.

For the past 56 years Tibetan Diaspora has achieved very remarkable things only because of H.H. the Dalai Lama’s guidance and vision. He gave us the democracy without asking and Mr. Lukhar Jam is abusing it not using it.

Coming generations has a road-map, laid out by H.H. the Dalai Lama, for a bright future and a proper recognition for our place in the world. Take Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Xinjiang(Uyghur) for example. From every aspect they are far richer – population, wealth and man-power. We are just 6 million. Delhi, alone, has 12 million.

There are more than 200,000 Tibetans living in India. They need India’s support to put food on their table.

Our younger generations are treading a dangerous path because some grown-ups have own agenda to fulfil. Policy, in my view, does not disturb the society but serves as a stepping stone to move forward. Agenda, on the other hand, gives a jolts and no solution. It disturbs and hurts people.

There is no harm in speaking one’s mind (rangzen or middle-way) but undermining the sentiments of millions calls into question the motives of Mr. Lukhar Jam.

Mr. Lukhar Jam, we know the history of Tibet. It was an independent nation, so what? You are suppose to educate us (kids) on WHY RANGZEN is the best option for our FUTURE. China is not interested in history and logic lessons; we tried that too. For more on Illusory Rangzen please read more here

Public should stop supporting (giving funds) or withdraw from memberships from these organizations that offer platforms to people with agenda to fulfill.

Mr. Lukhar Jam, if you have no one to pick on be my guest, but leave our beloved H. H. the Dalai Lama alone. He needs rest, not headache.


Who is representing Tibetan Canadian at Ottawa?

This question has popped up twice. It was Kaydor la, Representative of H.H. the Dalai Lama,US. who raised this as a matter of confusion. Recently, Canadian Former Senator Mr. Consiglio Di Nino also expressed the same view. He is one of our best friend and strong supporter of Tibet.

This is a serious matter.

In North America, anyone can register itself as a Not-for-Profit organization without leaving his room through internet and pay a fee of dollar 200. Therefore, I and my family or my friends can form a NFP organization and can claim to represent the Tibetan community at large. How can you refute my claim? There is no way. That is the problem.

CTAO in Toronto has substantial registered members and therefore it is the legitimate organization that can legally claim to represent the Tibetan Canadians in Toronto. However this word “legitimate” is problematic because if I had registered as NFP organization, I too am legitimate in the eyes of Canadian law although I represent less than 10 people who are my friends and relatives. It is perfectly all right if I keep my business to myself alone. But question becomes entangled when I claim that I represent Tibetans living in Toronto. Beside my organization there is CTAO, TWAO, TCPC, SFT and Regional Tibetan Youth Congress. To add to this confusion Toronto has an organization called “Canadian Friends of Tibet” head my Mr. Kunga.

Although they represent different bodies of Tibetan Canadians but as far as membership number is concerned CTAO is the legitimate one.

How to resolve this

Since we created this problem in the first place therefore we have to resolve it. Easiest is to ask a representative from Dharamsala to station here in Toronto permanently. Tibetan Government in Exile will have to pay his salary only. Everything else is here and ready.

Second option is that Canadian Tibetan and US Tibetans should elect their own Chithus and this way Canadian Chithus will automatically represent Canadian Tibetans to Ottawa.

Third option is ask every major city in Canada to have a NFP Tibetan Organization and have them elect their own president. Say that we have NFP Tibetan Organizations from Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto. Four or Five elected presidents can call for a group meeting via Computer links and elect one representative amongst them to represent all the Tibetans in Canada.

As far as I see it, Canada Chithus option or permanent CTA representative office in Canada is the workable option if Ottawa lobby is our priority.

As Canada is the friendliest nation on the planet, we must garner its support too for Tibetans in Tibet, Nepal and India. According to some news articles, between 2011-2012 Canada gave China 8.2 trillion and Russia 2 trillion in foreign aid. Canada’s Foreign Aid Spending in 2014 was 4.9 billion. We did not receive even 0.001 percent. Tibetans are not even in the Canadian radar.

It is time that Tibetan Canadians have our own Representative office here in Toronto.

It is our duty to clarify who the real representative of the Tibetan Canadians is to US representative, Kador la, and Ottawa. This is a serious matter and Tibetan Canadians should discuss this over and come up with the solution- fast. Chithus meeting is in progress. Unless we do something Hawks are waiting on their wings!

Note: When Canadian Government issues check/cheque for any aid, help, donation, matching fund or relief fund, it is not given directly to foreign countries. Fund must channel through Canadian Organizations. That is the implication of having a charitable Trust, such as TCCC, to actively involve in oversea charitable works. In the US every fund US donates to Tibetans in India or Nepal, it is channeled either through ICT or through Tibet Fund. Another fall out is that TCCC can keep certain amount, 2-4 percent, for itself to cover expenses. Recently Department of Education, Dharamsala, received 2 million(2 percent of 2 million is 40,000). This amount went to some other NFP organization instead of TCCC. If my memory serves well, many years back Red Cross received huge relief fund to help “somewhere” in the world and it used hefty some of it’s portion to upgrade their office furniture and outdated computers! My point is, however distasteful it may sound, it is still legal.

Canadian Parliamentary Friends of Tibet

As a Tibetan Canadian, we can show our appreciation for the members of Parliamentary Friends of Tibet by our vote.

Parkdale: Elect Peggy Nash

If you have come to any Tibet related events in Toronto, you may have asked many times “who is that Engi lady”. She is the Peggy Nash. Peggy Nash is always there to give her support for Tibet. She is our friend and we must vote for her if you live within Parkdale area. This is the time to say, Thank you, Ms. Peggy la.

Here is her facebook link

Etobicoke: Elect Bernard Trottier

He is the Chairman of Canadian Parliamentary Friends of Tibet. If you live within Etobicoke are, please vote for him. He is our man.

Here is his short video clip.

Where ever you live, show your support by voting for those candidates who support our cause. That is your contribution to Tibet and its people.


What is in the name: Everything

If Kalon-Tripa’s title is changed to Sikyong, then it is also wrong to call our Kalons as such. Unlike Sikyong, general public do not vote for Kalons. Kalons are selected by Sikyong- it is up to her or him. Therefore the title Kalon does not fit. The title should be either secretary or Department Head.

We must do away with Kunue and Kalon. These are title that belong to the past.

In the past Kalons are elected by public. Unlike Chithus they are elected across the board ie each Kalon is voted by U-Tsang, Kham and Amdo as a whole. Only Chithus are elected based on regional vote counts. When Kalon's are voted by general public across the board, his or her public trust is more meaningful. Today, Kalon are selected by Sikyong for his own efficiency and management, title Kalon is shallow and meaningless.


Chazotsang Khando la and Rapten la in town

Ms. Khando la was director of Tibetan Homes Foundation school ( Mussoorie, for 12 years (1975-1987). Mr. Rapten la, husband of Khando la, was Rector of Central Tibetan School, Mussoorie, India, for number of years.

First thing, what I remember, was that under her management she improved our living standard by a huge margin. For the first time in my life I wore a shirt and a pants that is not school uniform. We were so poor that we don’t have any other cloths to wear beside school uniform – weekend or not. We were given meat, fruit and egg, three times a week. Earlier we were given only once a month.

I was able to play or kick a real soccer ball instead of rag ball. She made a big difference in our life.

Also there was a attitude change in young kids of THF. We can speak to her!. She fondly answers us and treat us equal. The distance or the gap vanished, overnight.

Khando la is fondly addressed by children as Somo la or Semo la; I am lost here. She was beautiful and her English was impeccable. Our English pronunciation or accent was very thick. For instance, help was pronounced as “halap”. I envy her a lot but deep down I also felt proud that my Tibetan was better than Khando la’s. That was some thirty years back.

Kids love her.

Khando la is a cancer survivor.

Khando la, thank you very much for your love and guidance. I wish you and Rapten la a long and happy life.


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