2017 India Pilgrimag and ChakBum
Photo Journal
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BodhGaya: Main Temple

Kalachakra Pots and Pans

Delux Toilet..Stinking city

Sleep during Day..whole night singing

Nechung Guest House at BodhGaya: built 2016

Present Namgyal Monastery at BodhGaya was built in 1938. it was later offered to H.H. the Dalai lama.

Namgyal Monastery office...sometimes a mouse jumps out instead of paper ejecting from Printer!

Sujata offered rice pudding to Sakyamuni Buddha here(2441'52.74"N,850'11.91"E)

80ft Buddha: Modern Built: it is 2km away from the main Temple

Odentapuri: legend has it that when Naropa was teaching here
at Phulahari hill, Moutain bowed to Marpa instead of Naropa
Atisha was here for 12 years-studied under DharmaRakshita. 6th Dalai lama and Gendun Chophel were here too.

Vaishali: Yangpachen

Sarnath, Varanasi

Buddha met his five disciples, again, at this spot

CUTS Sport, Sarnath

Rickshaw puller at CUTS gate

CUTS Canteen, Sarnath

River Ganga, Varanasi

Tsopema: Rewalsar, HP, India

Discovery of Ancient Monuments in Dharamsala, HP: Standing Buddha and Rock Inscriptions

Dharamsala, HP, India

Amravati, Andra Pradesh

Right Bank, VP South; launch: Boat ride to NagarJuna Konda or Island begins here

Sanchi: Sri Lanka Temple; modern built

Sanchi: Main ancient Stupa and monuments

Mussoorie, India

Calmen town:DehraDun

Sankisa: Buddha return to Earth: yes, a hindu temple is visible there