Five-day Guru BumTsok (27 - 31 Sept, 2017) in NYC, NY, US
organized by Nechung SanghArama, Dharamsala, India: Five monks came from India.

His Eminence Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche
Shedrup Trinle Nyinje Pal Sangpo (1927-2015)

Toronto Tibetans Holds Prayer Service for His Eminence Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche

Today, 27 Dec 2015, from 2PM to 4 PM, CTAO, Toronto, held a prayer service to mourn the demise of His Eminence Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche, the supreme head of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism. Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche, 89, passed away on Wednesday morning at 2.30 in the holy city of Bodh Gaya.

Part of the prayer is for speedy reincarnate of the Tsetrul Rinpoche.

Khenpo Sonam Rinpoche, Tulku Dawa Gyalpo Rinpoche, monks and local Tibetans attend the prayer.

Part of the prayer is for speedy reincarnate of the Tsetrul Rinpoche.

Nechung Alumni sponsored the Tea and Samosa

Nechung Dorjee was here in Toronto on 2015, Sept. 29.
Nechung Alumni, Canada, along with Nechung Dorjee had a simple tea party

Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche offering prayers during the Long Life Offering Ceremony for His Holiness the Dalai Lama at the Main Tibetan Temple in Dharamsala, HP, India on March 4, 2015. Nechung Dorjee is in the foreground

Notice to NANAA members in Canada

Date: 3 January 2015

Here is a photo album of venerable Thupten Ngodup, the medium of Nechung Oracle(Kuten), Venerable Tenzin Namgyal and Venerable Geshe Thupten Damchoes (Nechung Dorjee) at TCCC hall, Toronto, Canada, performing Phurpa(Kilaya) Blessing and Protection mantra.

Kuten la graciously donated all the ShogChak (GuruDakShina) to CTAO.

Venerable Dorjee will go to NY, USA, on 8th January, 2015.

Venerable Kuten, venerable Tenzin Namgyal and CTAO President Ms. Tsering Tsomo la; At TCCC Door. Toronto under heavy snow storm.

Venerable Kuten, Ven. Geshe Dorjee, Ven. Tenzin Namgyal and CTAO members

Phurpa Prayers and public blessings- one by one.

About 500 Tibetans and many Engis showed up despite snow storm. Tea and Thugpa was served.

Date: October 10, 2014

Good news

Venerable Thupten Ngodup, the medium of Nechung Oracle (Kuten), and his entourage is visiting Canada in beginning of December 2014.

Exact date is not confirmed yet for his Toronto Tour.

His itinerary is as follows:

8 Nov, 2014, Arrives in LA, US
22, Nov 2014 arrives in NY, NY, US
Beginning of December, Canada.
Dec. 16 Fly back to India.

North America Nechung Alumni Association(NANAA) will arranged a special dinner party.

Please be advised that all NANAA members be present at the party on time.

Thupten Tsering (Mr.)

Ven. Gyaltsen of Nechung will arrive Toronto from NY on 3rd Sept.

Geshe Nechung Dorjee arrived in Toronto on 27 Sept. 2013, from NY, US. North America Nechung Alumi Association arranged a dinner party at Tibet Kitchen, Queen Street, of Toronto on Sunday, 29, Sept 2013. It was fun and joyful experience.

Nechung Dorjee is leaving Canada to Namgyal Monastery, Ithaca, NY, US on 2nd and eventually he will fly back to India on 7th sept.

Thanks Alumni.

Thupten Tsering

Date: 24/Aug/2013

Here is an urgent news. Mr Thupten Damchoes(Nechung Dorjee) is delayed for unknown period due to new Visa procedures imposed by Canadian Embassy in US.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Thupten Tsering.
Notice to NANAA members in Canada

Date: 19/Aug/2013

Thanks for your 2013 membership fee contribution.

I am happy to announce that Thupten Damchoes (Geshe Dorjee) has agreed to pay a visit to Toronto.

Venerable Geshe Nechung Dorjee (Thupten Damchoes), Ritual Master of Nechung Monastery, Dharamsala, India, agreed to bless us with his visit Toronto and Vancouver.

NANAA Toronto Chapter will host a dinner party at Tibet Kitchen, 1544 Queen St W, Toronto on 24 August, 2013, Saturday, at 6pm.

ALL members are requested to attend the party and share views openly. This is your forum.

See you soon.

Thupten Tsering(Accountant)

H.H. the Dalai lama in Yellow hat, ChoeKyong and Geshe Thupten(Nechung Dorjee): 2011 Nechung Tenshug, Dharamsala, India.

Here is receipt of our membership fees we collected, 2012, and made contribution to Department of Education, Dharamsala, India for scholarship funds.

Date: Jan 14, 2013.

Friends of Canadian Nechung Alumni Association - Meeting

We are meeting this Friday, 27, 6 PM sharp at OM Restaurant, King St. Toronto. Anyone who wants to become a member of can come to OM at 6PM.

So far our membership fee was $100 per year and for the last 2 years our collection was donated to Department of Education, Dharamsala, for scholarship for higher education.

These decisions change as memberís voice and concern.

Dinner and tea is served but cost is shared amongst its members.

Thupten Tsering: 647-830-3557;
Date: July 24, 2012

Dear CNAA:

Thank you so much for the offering of support to the Education Department, who was so moved by your generosity. Thank you for being there for Tibet!!!

With prayers and best wishes to you all.

Geshe Karma
Assistant Director
Nechung Monastery

Today, 20 August, 2011, Nechung Alumni, Canada, members got together with special guest Venerable Nechung Geshe Dorjee from Dharamsala, India, and Nechung Kushog Thupten from California, US.

Photo, right to left: Dorjee, Rinzin Chodak, Kushog Thupten, Thupten Tsering, Sortop, Karma and Tenzin Woeden.
Two years'(2010 and 2011) Canadian Nechung Alumni Association membership fee contribution from Canada is decided to donate to Department of Education, Dharamsala, on behalf of Nechung Monastery, Dharamsala, towards College fund in India.

Geshe Dorjee and Kushog Thupten gave Nechung Alumni members amulet, photo of BodhGaya Buddha, T-shirt, 3-D Lhasa Jowo photo and many more. We appreciate their kindness.

Nechung Monastery Main Temple - 2011
Photo by Nechung Dorjee

Original Buddha Image in Bodh Gaya.
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Photo by Nechung Dorjee

CNAA intend to keep ourselves in touch with our root and support it with our membership fees. Nechung will have our unwavering support all the time. Should anyone leave Nechung Monastery, they can still join CNAA and be part of.

Annual meeting will be held in July/August of every year. This meeting will be informal and can bring along your family too. Picnic or pot-luck setting is more appropriate. Account presentation and membership fee collection will take place too. Should Nechung Monastery send any small gifts to its members, CNAA will distribute it on this day. If there are any visitations (private/official) or programs arrangements to be made, CNAA is there to help.

CNAA is open to suggestions and improvement. As membership grows, Nechung Monastery will benefit from it. In the long run, CNAA will have a huge impact for the Tibetan community as a whole.


Membership Fee of $100 per year is donated to Nechung Monastery, Dharamsala, India.

2013 members are
  1. Tenzin Woeden
  2. Tenzin Rigden
  3. Sonam Topgyal
  4. Rinzin Choedak
2012 members are
  1. Tenzin Woeden
  2. Tenzin Rigden
  3. Sonam Topgyal
  4. Rinzin Choedak
  5. Karma Tsering
2011 members are
  1. Tenzin Woeden
  2. Tenzin Rigden
  3. Sonam Topgyal
  4. Rinzin Choedak
  5. Karma Tsering
2010 members are
  1. Tenzin Woeden
  2. Tenzin Rigden
  3. Sonam Topgyal
  4. Rinzin Choedak
  5. Karma Tsering
2009 members are
  1. Yeshi Loden
  2. Tenzin Woeden
  3. Tenzin Rigden
  4. Sonam Topgyal
  5. Rinzin Choedak
  6. Karma Tsering
2008 members are
  1. Tenzin Woeden
  2. Tenzin Rigden
  3. Sonam Topgyal
  4. Rinzin Choedak
  5. Karma Tsering

Tenzin Rigden (Cashier - Canada)
Tenzin Topden(Cashier -US)
Karma Tsering (Accountant)

Date: 20 Aug. 2011

Official Receipt from Nechung, Dharamsala:2011

Notice to members in Canada

Our annual meeting is scheduled on 20, Saturday, August, 2011, at Tibet Kitchen, King Street, Toronto.

Venerable Thupten Damchoes from Dharamsala, India, and Ven. Thupten from California will join us.

Do not forget to bring your yearly contribution too...$ 100/-

Note: Contact local Nechung Alumni Association (NAA) Members for more info or send an email to until further notice.