2011 India Trip
Photo Journal


Lumbini, Nepal; Birth place of Gautama Siddhartha-The Buddha.

Original Tree under which Buddha was born is housed inside.
Rumor has it that Tree was sold to the highest bidder and soon
after Nepal King was killed along with his whole family.
Anyway, I did not see any tree in that white building-2011! No photo allowed inside!

Buddha was born under a Tree; Gained Enlightenment under a Tree; Passed away under a Tree.

Kargue Monastery in Lumbini

VajraSana(tib:DorjeeDan) in BodhGaya.

Gautama attained Enlightenment under this Tree;
VajraSana has no reference to the Mahabodhi Temple. It is this Spot that is hallowed as Buddha sat here.
This Tree is not the original TREE but Tree sapling brought in from Shri Lanka which was
originally exported to Shri Lanka by King Ashoka's sister.

Main Mahabodhi Temple was built around
1000 years after Buddha had passed through.
Some say Ashoka had made a railing for the TREE.

Thai Temple.

BodhGaya Market

Sarnath;Buddha's First Sermon Site.
Main Stupa built by King Ashoka. Entrance by FEE.

Foreigners pay Rs 100 per visit. Bus load of Tourist can fetch upto 7000;
At least 10 buses visit everyday; Tickets are recycled without tearing
it and money is distributed among the staff-clearly cheating the Government of
India by Archeological Survey of India(ASI) into millions. ASI is minting money!
I am the eye witness. ASI tear only local tickets which is Rs 5/ per visit.

Dhamekh Stupa in 1902. Photo from an Archeological Survey of India photo exhibition 2011 Nov.


Spot where Buddha met his 5 disciples.

Mulagandhakuti Vihara, a Buddhist temple built in 1930ís. Entrance is Free.

Found in rubbles

Humble residence of Prof. Samdong Rinpoche(1971-2001)

Tibetan Monastery

Vulture Peak: Buddha gave "Heart Sutra" teaching here.

Way to Vulture Peak

AjataSatru imprisoned his own father, Bimbisara, here who died in captivity.

Varanasi; Ganga

She is about 67

Buddha Stayed in Shravasti for 25 years. There is no place in whole of India
that is more sacred, holy and hallow than Shravasti. Buddha subdued AnguliMala
with his compassion. At another hilltop, Buddha took part in great debate and won.
Colorful lights like Aurora were sighted in the day. Beside the TREE and
archeological remains, it lacks any visible monuments- like Dhamekh Stupa or Mahabodhi Temple.

But anywhere you walk, sit and meditate in Shravasti, earth underneath is blessed by
Gautama Buddha. 25 year is long enough to cover all of Shravasti.

Entry is with FEE.
Shravasti has limited tourist lodging. At the gate there is Shrilankan
Lodge; a Tourist Bangalow, Korean Temple, Tibetan Stupa and Shechen Stupa bit down the road.

The Tree sapling as requested by Ananda to Buddha.

A small Hill top, 7 Storey high, on the way to Balrampur, 20 minutes drive,
where great debate took place and rainbows were sighted.
From here whole Srawasti plane comes in full view.

Cave where AnguliMala Meditated after he was subdued by Buddha.
it is 10 minutes walk from the main Buddhist Archeological Gate, on the right.
AnguliMala(Garland of Thumbs) had killed 999 and last trophy was Buddha but he failed.

Thai Temple

Shechen Nyigma Stupa with 25 resident monks

Tibetan Stupa

Kushinagar; Buddha Passed away here under a TREE

Tsopema, Rewalsar


Darjeeling; Toy Train

See the size of the train compared to tourist standing at the door!

Chowrasta- famous hangout

Time Stood Still

Old architecture and The Western Union!

AIDS is universal

Excuse Me!

999 bottles to fill

Wires; which phone line is yours!

Honking Streets


The Mother of all Chillies

GangTok, Sikkim;Tibetology

Palace Gate

Palace Monastery;There are 120 resident monks

Palace Monk Residence

Gangtok MG Marg; The best place to Hangout.

Shopping Complex

Read the logo

Bird Flu

MG Marg to Tibetology Aerial Ropeway and View

Haridawar;Ganga River; Hindu Holy place
Ganga water of Haridwar is considered more holy than Rishikash.

Portable Baking Oven


who is blocking my way...me or the cow...hmmm

free toilet

Look! Who is reading the posters?

Mussoorie..landmark GantaGhar/Clock tower in Landour Bazaar is gone!

Picture Palace...it is showing its age

Happy Valley, Mussoorie; CST Soccer Ground

Photo 2008: CST Boys Hostel- This Yellow buiding was demolished in 2012/13

THF office

THF Hospital

THF school


Indian Tree and bureaucracy are alike-winding!


Kalho ya na ho...zzzzzz