2020 Photo journal..karma

July 2019 EX-CTA Tenshug

TIPA show

Dharamsala: CTA

Nechung Gonpa, Dharamsala

Dharamsala, dolmaling: nunnery

Tsopema: Rewalsa

Aug 2019:Shimla

Simla Convention or the Convention Between Great Britain, China, and Tibet
was held here in this building on 3rd july, 1914. When I visited this building in Aug, 2019,
the table where Tibetan delegation sat was missing. There is Entry fee.

July 2019: Ladak Trip

Manali, Rothang Pass Gate: it opens at 5am

Pangong lake

My friend, Pangong lake resident, who flies a Tibetan flag: he claims he is the only
one who flies Tibetan flag closest to Tibet; he is right: few miles from here lies Tibet.

First sight of Pangong lake in the distance

Marmot: Chivig

No vehicle, Leh market

July 2019: Garsha Phakpa

Leh, Ladak

Tanglang la or Pass

Chang la or Pass: Way to Pangong lake

Lotsawa Rinchen Sangpo: He asked Guge king to invite Atisha to Tibet.

Kyopa jigthen Gonpo monastery

Suspension foot-bridge over Indus River near Choklamsar, Ladak

strange shrub grows in parch land of Ladak

Ladak is dry land but special tree grows near the habitat with very little house water.
Tree resemble Eucalyptus. Timber is used as beam for house construction.

HH the Dalai Lama consecrated this huge Buddha

Dekyiling Dehradhun:Songtsen library: local Indians, paid membership,
come here because it is AC and peaceful. This library has complete Dunhuang
manuscripts and one page is displayed here.

Dekyiling: It is wood sculpture brought from Tibet.

Dekyiling: Manicured garden and lotus leaves

Dekyiling: Kargyu Monastary, Most famous Lhamo

Dekyiling: Tibetan Entrepreneur: Most of his products are exported but you can buy too.
Raw material, glass, is imported from Belgium.

TCH school Clement Town: Dehradun

TCH School: I fixed DraNyen strings with badminton racket Strings

Tsechu Buddhist ritual dance: Clement town; Dehradun

Black hat dance

Deer Dance

Eight emanations of Guru Padmasambhava

Hashang Dance

Snow lion dance

Dehradun: Zoo: leaf is huge, person is 5.6 feet

Dehradun: clock Tower: view from Palton bazaar

Dehradun: Sulphur stream: Sastradhara

Dehradun Tibetan Market

Rock Edict of Asoka, Kalsi Gate, Chakrita: Dehradun

Nepal: Dolma Rangjung

Nepal: Patan, Bhaktapurh

Hindu Deity: thousands of animal are
sacrificed here; they are preparing for the ritual with decoration.

House of Kumari, goddess. She is selected amongst the commoners and she must be 16 year old.
This is her mansion and below is her Chariot. She is worshipped for a day or so.

Kathmandu: Pashupati Nath gate

Nepal:LuGangyal: lying Naga

Kathmandu/Nepal BodhaNath Stupa: Sept, 2019

Nepal: SwayamBhuNath Stupa: Sept, 2019

Nepal: Heavy workout: me and my friend

Nepal: Nine thousand Buddha

Nepal: walking Tara

Nepal: Dorjee Phagmo: 2 hours drive from Kathmandhu

Asura Cave: 2 hours drive from Kathmandhu

Halesi/Maratika Cave: Nepal:Sept, 2019

Bagaluru: Koramangla: Tibet Mall

Bagaluru: lalbagh: Park

Bylakupe: Golden Temple

Bylakupe: new Camp 7, near sera Gonpa

Bylakupe: Tashi Lunpo

Sera Mey Swimming Pool

Bihar: Valure Peak; Rajgir

Bihar: Son bhandar Cave; way to Rajgir

Bihar: Nalanda gate; way to Rajgir

Bihar: Mountain Man Road: way to Rajgir

Bihar: Gurpa: KukuPada Cave, RiwoChakang: Maha Kasapa Cave; south of BodhGaya

Bandhe: who built 1800 steps at KukuPada Cave

Dunkasiri:Palden Shawari Cave: way to Rajgir: Bihar

BodhGaya: Tara Temple; Ladhaki red cap Kargye sect

BodhGaya market; near the post office

These images are kept inside the above gate of Hindu complex

Staircase made from Buddha's image stolen from the main temple: history

Hindu Shrine within the Maha Bodhi Temple

Maha Bodhi Temple complex

Majnutila, Delhi, Rangzen restaurant: fresh and cheap, near Yamuna

Dehradun: CRT TV repair

Kathmandu: old tyre table